Vista Square Family

The Square product family offers an elegant, streamlined solution for multiple way-finding needs. This flat modular signage system is environmentally friendly, and comes in multiple designs, sizes and shapes, with special profiles available for both flexible and non-flexible inserts.


Available in multiple sizes and with a highly advanced technological design, Square sign options complement every project. Updating the inserts is fast and simple, with no screws or glue required. The smart end caps are available in grey or black. The 'Vista Square Float' is the crown jewel, offering a special floating effect courtesy of Vista's special technology.


Vista Square products are all available using ADA enabled graphics. The system accepts inserts of various thicknesses, up to .3mm or 0.12". An extremely diverse range of graphic materials may be used, including paper or vinyl graphics on a polycarbonate cover; paper on Perspex cover; vinyl on Xbond or aluminum board, and more. Each specific product will come with Vista's recommendation for the best materials to use.


The Square System product family is ideal for wall signs, table signs, suspended signs and flag signs, creating a stunning and uniform look throughout every aspect of the project.

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