Vista BH Family

Meet the Vista BH family - the world's most elegant brochure holder solution! This innovative collection offers modular brochure holders that are beautiful, long-lasting and designed to blend perfectly with Vista's other signage solutions. You'll find them the ideal addition to any Vista Signage project.


Made with a high quality clear polycarbonate tray, these transparent brochure holders fit onto both curved and flat surfaces. Available in three standard sizes, they perfectly integrate with Vista frames.


In addition to the pocket for inserting brochures, pamphlets or leaflets, there is a pocket to insert graphics that will inform visitors what the brochure holder offers. These graphics are easily and quickly removed and replaced, to keep the holder looking fresh, new and updated at all times.


Our customers use Vista's brochure holders for displaying information in almost any public area: clinics and hospitals, banks, trade shows, universities and more. With their wide variety of applications, the brochure holders products can be attached to walls, posts, different signs and counters, thus easily adapt to every space and project need.

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